A review of “The Naked Sun”

Our journey down the Asimovian outlined of a future takes a second bus perfected 51DGnT-aqzL._SX301_BO1,204,203,200_stop at “The Naked Sun”, the second book of the Robot Series portion of the Robots/Foundation/Empire saga. Having demonstrated that “Science Fiction Crime Drama” as a cross-genre is possible, Isaac Asimov set out to write (arguably) the best one ever- while simultaneously launching us from Earth into the depths of his growing cosmos.  Continue reading

The Spaceman who Stole the World: A tribute to David Bowie’s impact on science fiction

“I always had a repulsive need to be something more than human.”  -David Bowie

While it is not a requirement for science fictions writers to be a fan of David Bowie, but in my experience you will find few that are not. His affect on popular culture and popular music are without question, but what he brought to them, over and over again, were science fictions themes, and the idea of thinking beyond the blue orb we live on.
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584 Million Miles

That’s how far we’ve traveled in the past year, and today we add another lap on the track. With today being the 31st, I’m pretty sure this is going to be my final blog article for the year , so I figured I’d do a bit of a “yearly wrap-up.”

All in all, this year has had a truckload of negatives, with some very peaked positives. So, while there’s been a lot of “rough” to go around, at least I occasionally had the highs to make it worthwhile.

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Holy Crap, it’s Star Wars!

Okay, so, there’s really no excuse for you reading a science fiction literature blog the week that the Once and Future Trilogy releases a movie.  I get that. Totally not going to take it personally that no one is going to read this one.  Instead, I’m going to bend to the festivities and make this post tangentially about Star Wars, in the hopes that maybe someone will take time to read it. Here’s my responses to the the top three comments I see circulating around the tubes of the internet this week.

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